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  • Session Marcos: Stop everything! Top T-SQL tricks to a Developer*
    Writing a better code is always a difficult challenge. In this session we are going to investigate some common issues and learn new tips that will help you to be a better developer and then help the DBA keep his databases safer.
  • Session Georg: SQL Server 2017 kurz und knapp*
    Die wichtigsten Neuerungen der neuen SQL Server Version für DBAs und Entwickler noch einmal zusammengefasst: SQL auf Linux, SQL in Containern, Automatische Optimierungen, Graph Database. Teilt gerne Eure Erfahrungen und Meinungen zu v14 mit uns!
    The most important new features of the latest SQL Server version for DBAs and developers are summarized: SQL on Linux, SQL in containers, automatic optimizations, graph database. Feel free to share your experiences and opinions about V14 with us!


Georg Urban

Georg – ein “data guy by heart” – ist ein Data- & AI-Architekt bei Microsoft Deutschland. Er entwirft mit seinen Kunden Lösungen für IoT, die Datenplattform und analytische Anwendungen. Georg- a “Data guy by Heart”- is a data-& AI-architect at Microsoft Germany. Together with his customers he designs solutions for IoT, the data platform and analytical applications.

Marcos Freccia

Currently working as a Microsoft SQL Server DBA at Zalando SE, Marcos has over 8 years of SQL Server experience, working from small to enterprise environments with High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Database Optimization, etc.. Holding several Microsoft certifications such as: MCITP DBA & DEV, MCSE Data Plataform and his last certification on Microsoft Azure Design and Implement Cloud Data Platform Solutions. In 2013 Marcos was awarded as a Microsoft MVP by his contributions in the Brazilian SQL Server community. Marcos is a frequent speaker in the SQL Server Community and he was the organizer of the first SQL Saturday in South Brazil.





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