RG Rhein-Main
14.01.2020 (19:00)

Connecting SQL and Blockchain: The Azure Blockchain Workbench

Hype as it is, a valid business case currently is the most critical point for a Blockchain project. So better check it out with a PoC and best with a fast PoC before you start burning money. But getting even a simple PoC for a Blockchain project running still is hard. Connecting Blockchain data to classical databases, making them available to analytics or standard applications is worse (ever queried LevelDB?). Microsofts “Azure Blockchain Workbench” let you do this in hours, not months. So (besides wondering why one needs this hype stuff at all) we will see how to ..

– Deploy a Blockchain on Azure in a breeze
– Start coding with Solidity
– Generate templates for smart contracts
– Connect them to IoT devices
– Get a PoC Web UI for free
– Push all the data into a “real” database automatically
-Dashboarding with PowerBI
-Grabbing Blockchain data with Azure Logic Apps

Last but not least, we may look at some real world projects.

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