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Dear PASS Germany friends,

it’s time for another meeting at Milestone Consulting GmbH in Kamp-Lintfort. Join us and let’s welcome another of our UG leads back on stage.

Or you can join the event remotely: Teams Meeting
The meeting will not be recorded, so don’t miss that opportunity!


Adventures in Azure DevOps Boards- Making Data Platform Changes with Magic Templates!

Hey there, tech wizards! In this magical session, we’ll explore how to use Azure DevOps Boards to make our data platform even better with Change Management.

What’s Change Management? Change management is like learning new spells. When we add cool features or fix bugs in your database landscape, we need a plan. Just like wizards practice their wand movements, we’ll learn how to manage changes with „Custom Process Templates“ smoothly.

These are like special spell recipes. We’ll create our own templates to organize tasks and keep our team on track.

Sometimes, before we add a new feature to our data platform castle, we need permission of a magical instance. It’s like asking the castle guards if it’s okay to build a secret tunnel. In Azure DevOps, we can add special steps for approvals. These steps make sure our changes are safe and won’t break anything.

With this „streamlined Workflows“we are arranging your magical ingredients neatly. We’ll make sure everyone knows what to do and when leads to a good team agility.

So, grab your wizard hat (or coding cap), and let’s dive into the enchanting world of Azure DevOps!


Klaus Höltgen

Klaus Höltgen (Director Finance)
Klaus Höltgen hat am 31.08.2004 die PASS Deutschland e.V. in Neuss mitgründen dürfen und leitet seit 2009 die Regionalgruppe Ruhrgebiet gemeinsam mit Frank Geisler und Gabi Münster. Er ist als Solution Design Manager bei der Bayer Business Services GmbH tätig und beschäftigt sich mit dem SQL Server seit Version 6.5 zunächst mit den Themen Datenintegration und Reporting. In den letzten Jahren war er schwerpunktmäßig in BI Themen rund um DWH & OLAP Projekten im Finance-/Controllingbereich involviert.
Seit 2012 ist er Director Finance.


Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Straße 17,47475,Kamp-Lintfort,DE
Milestone Consult GmbH & Co. KG
Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Straße 17
47475 Kamp-Lintfort

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Profilbild von Klaus Klaus Höltgen