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14.12.2020 (19:00)
19:00 - 21:00

I ain't a Data Scientist - Why do I need Jupyter Notebooks?

Jupyter Notebooks were once the realm of Data Scientists. New releases of Azure Data Studio, Visual Studio Code, and .NET interactive tooling have brought this tooling into the Operational team’s area. The biggest benefit of using Jupyter Notebooks is that you have your documentation, your code __and__ your results in the same source controllable document.

I will share with you all of the knowledge I have gained over the past 12 months implementing Jupyter Notebooks for Data Operation teams.

You will leave

  • with a good understanding of possible use cases for Jupyter Notebooks
  • being comfortable in using the different tooling
  • with many examples that you can take back to work and start being effective immediatelyEnabling collaboration with your team, simplifying common tasks, improving Incident Wash-Up meetings, creating run-books, easily creating code for others to use are some of the benefits that you will take away.
    We will have fun as well. Prerequisites: Working in an operational team supporting Data Platform systems.
    Lack of pogonophobia!
    Willingness to learn
    We will use Azure Data Studio

Hier ist der Link zum Teams Meeting:

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