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Auch nach den Herbstferien melden wir uns zurück. Und wieder bei der BP in Bochum, danke an Torsten Strauß. 🙂
Meldet euch bitte über Meetup oder die Registrierung auf dieser Seite an, wenn ihr live dabei sein wollt.

Ansonsten bieten wir natürlich auch wieder die Möglichkeit an, virtuell „live“ dabei zu sein: Teams Meeting
Bitte beachtet, dass wir die Vorträge nicht aufzeichnen, also live oder gar nicht. 🙂


Back from autumn vacation we’ll be back with another amazing session that will be hosted once more by BP, thanks to Torsten Strauß.
If you are interested to join in person, please register either via Meetup or the registration option on this page.

Or you can join the event remotely: Teams Meeting
The meeting will not be recorded, so don’t miss that opportunity!


Join us for an engaging session on project success and potential pitfalls. Despite our extensive project experience, each endeavor carries the possibility of straying from timelines or budgets. In this interactive session, we’ll delve into key areas that can be adjusted to nurture success and gain insights into common hindrances. Drawing from decades of project expertise, we’ll shed light on recurring aspects that demand our attention and effective resolution.

Regardless of whether you identify with the IT community or the Business sphere, once you’re on the Project Team, a shared comprehension of effective project management becomes invaluable. Let’s come together to enhance our understanding of how to orchestrate seamless project execution. See you at the session!


Oliver Glassmann

Oliver has spent most of his 25-year journey as an IT consultant specializing in Business Intelligence projects. Throughout his career, he’s brought his expertise to multiple IT consulting companies, with the last decade being dedicated to roles as a Solution Architect and Managing Consultant.

Bildvorschau Oliver has been instrumental in nurturing and steering successful projects across various customer segments and industries.While he has a strong focus on the Microsoft technology stack, he has acquired numerous certifications spanning requirements engineering, project management, governance, as well as capabilities and maturity assessments.

Oliver’s true passion lies in crafting a comprehensive understanding of how Business Intelligence projects can not only add value to a business but also align seamlessly with corporate governance and data strategy. He strongly champions the establishment of a data-driven culture within every organization.


Wittener Str. 45,44789,Bochum,DE
BP Europa SE
Wittener Str. 45
44789 Bochum

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