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Wir freuen uns, unser nächstes Regionalgruppen-Treffen bei Microsoft in Stuttgart-Vaihingen (STEP) anbieten zu können.
Wir konnten mit Gabi Münster von Microsoft wieder eine Top-Sprecherin mit einem aktuellen und spannenden Thema für unsere User Group gewinnen (Vortrag auf deutsch).

Wir bitten um eine Anmeldung per Mail für das Gruppentreffen, um eine entsprechende Planung vornehmen zu können.
Michael Niethammer: mni(at)
Jochen Stein: jst(at)


Microsoft introduced their new Analytics flagship during Build conference end of May this year:

Microsoft Fabric.

To many it sounds like an extension of Power BI and introducing existing workloads like ADF and Synapse. But is that really the case? Is it just a „re-grouping“ of existing services? Let’s spend some time and go through the principles, review what changed since the first announcement and which future plans are known. This session is meant to be interactive, and questions are more than welcome. I can’t promise I can, or am allowed to answer everything, but looking forward to your questions and feedback.


Gabi Münster

Gabi Münster (she / her) started working with SQL Server technologies in 2005. After some short excursions into Web Application development and a long and inspiring time as a BI consultant / Data architect at oh22data AG, she joined Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager at the Power BI CAT team in March 2022.

She speaks at regional chapter meetings, national and international conferences. Since 2016 she also co-leads the SQL PASS User group.Ruhrgebiet.

Apart from BI topics she also supports Diversity topics.

Gabi ist unter gmu(at) erreichbar


Meitnerstrasse 9,70563,Stuttgart,DE
Microsoft Stuttgart
Meitnerstrasse 9
70563 Stuttgart

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