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Cosmos DB – NoSQL Strikes Back
An introduction to the dark side of your data

A long time ago in a database far, far away…
SQL was the only option to save vast amounts of application data for a long period of time. There were always some rebellion activities, to overcome the SQL Empire, which brought a new hope, but all other ways of storing data were never more than a phantom menace.

Now Cosmos DB awakens and is ready for the revenge of the NoSQL.
During this talk, we will have a look at what Azure Cosmos DB is, what you can achieve with its possibilities and how to use it in a galactic environment of data and applications.

Join me and find your way to the right solution for your application.
May the data be with you!


Andre Essing

Andre Essing advises, in his role as Technology Solutions Professional, customers in topics all around the Microsoft Data Platform. Since version 7.0, Andre gathering experience with the SQL Server product family, where he has focused on infrastructure topics, mission-critical systems and security. Today Andre concentrates on working with data in the cloud, like Modern Data Warehouse architectures, Artificial Intelligence and new scalable database systems like Azure Cosmos DB.

In addition to his work at Microsoft, Andre is engaged in the community as a chapter leader for the PASS chapter in Bavaria, Germany. You can meet him as a speaker at user groups and international conferences.

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