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Hi, Data Folks from Hamburg!

We just had an awesome event! And we are already planning for the next event in December.

Again, we will have a range of thoughts and voices on a topic and give you the opportunity to interact with the experts in the field.

As an update, here’s the info that the topic talks will all have the topic Azure Synapse Analytics.

And our traditional Christmas raffle will probably be back, and we already put enough beer cold.

Therefore, reserve your spot today! 🙂

Here is Christmas edition agenda:

Here is the Christmas edition agenda of our Hanseatic-Mini-Conference*:*

18:00 Open door and warm up networking round
18:20 PASS & Raffle Preparation
18:25 SQL Server 2022 – Query Hints
18:55 Bio & Orga Break
19:00 Azure Synapse – unpacking the surprise bag
19:20 Bio & Orga Break
19:25 Introduction to Synapse Spark
19:45 Bio & Orga Break
19:50 Fast development, high quality, easy maintenance (Azure Synapse)
20:10 Bio & Orga Break
20:15 Panel Discussion with all experts
20:45 Raffle
21:00 The End… Hamburg’s city center offers many other opportunities for further networking. 😉

See you
Conny and Sascha


Azure Synapse – unpacking the surprise bag – Dana Höllman (Initions-Consulting)
Introducing Synapse as the One-Stop-Shop for all analytical problems. With Synapse it should be possible to solve all analytical challenges within one platform. But what is this platform about? Looking into the components and how deeply they are integrated. Have a look into the components and how they build the platform.

Introduction to Synapse Spark – Kevin Sames (drjve)
Apache Spark found its way inside Azure Synapse. But what is (Synapse) Spark? In this session, we want to dive into the history and interface of Spark. Originally I was a mathematician in the field of graph theory and combinatorics. After fiddling around with data for the first time, I quickly developed an enthusiasm for it. For over a year now I am a consultant at drjve in the field of BI & analytics but also a data engineer myself.

Fast development, high quality, easy maintenance – Lasse Jenzen & Fabio Kayser (ORAYLIS)
There are many reasons for automating data warehouses and data lakehouses. The automation framework from ORAYLIS sets new standards in the context of Microsoft solutions. Find out how you can reliably minimize manual activities in both development and operation using Databricks or Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake gen2. From spring 2023 you can benefit from the open source solution on GitHub!

ORAYLIS Automation Framework

  • What is (M)DWH Automation
  • Why an own framework – market comparison
  • MDWH ORAYLIS reference architecture
  • Live Demo Automation Framework
  • Findings from many project assignments
  • Outlook V2 – soon Open Source on GitHub


Sascha Lorenz

Sascha Lorenz ist Gesellschafter der PSG Projekt Service GmbH –The SQL Server Company und arbeitet als Trainer & Lösungsarchitekt, Lead Consultant mit dem Fokus auf Microsoft Datenbank-Technologien (SQL Server & .NET). Seit (mittlerweile) 30 Jahren ist er beteiligt an diversen OLTP & BI-Projekten, Workshops und Audits. Seine aktuellen Schwerpunkte sind Risikomanagement Ansätze für Datenbank-Entwicklungsteams und massive OLTP Workloads.


Dana Höllman


Kevin Sames


Lasse Jenzen

Fabio Kayser


Axel-Springer-Platz 3,20355,Hamburg,DE
Axel-Springer-Platz 3
20355 Hamburg

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